Getting Started
Fortunately, today it's pretty easy to get started in online poker. Years ago, you had to find some cash on your own and risk much to make progress. Some used to play as many freerolls as possible just to collect some cash and to raise the winnings.
Today, there are plenty of great offers for beginners. Poker Sites offers $25 dollars for starting to play and entirely free articles to learn the secrets of successful poker. Even those who never played a single hand have the opportunity to become a decent intermediate in a very short time. Some have great success with discipline and hard work on their game.
But there are some things to consider:
Be prepared to play online! Online poker is a real dream: Anytime, you'll find thousands of players. Most of them play very badly. You can reveal those bad players, also called „fishes “any time. With some discipline and work, it's not a big effort to get some additional income.
In order to learn the techniques of the game you should at the beginning play with play money. Just to gain some experience. Once you understood the techniques, you should quit because playing with play money has almost nothing to do with real poker.
Keep on working on your game, read the necessary articles and maybe buy some books. Afterwards, you're ready to play for real money. With 25 euros in cash, you can only play at the lowest limits. We recommend depositing a small amount on your own, for instance 25 euros. If you make this deposit, you'll receive a $200 bonus and you can play with $50 instead of only 25! This is a big difference and once you start clearing the bonus, your bankroll grows and grows.
Listen to the bankroll management! If you have $25 or $50 on the bank, you can only play NL 10, which is 0,05/0,1. Once you have more than 100 euros on your account, you can jump up to 0,1/0,2, which is NL 20. You need at least 500 big blinds to play at this limit. Otherwise the likelihood of going broke is very high and you might end up loosing all your money.
Keep on working on your game! Read books and articles, discuss with other players about possible leaks and mistakes and think about every decision you make.
Don't expect too much! You can't start with the attitude to learn a little, play a little and win BIG. If you think you could, stop here and look for another opportunity. Everybody who earns plenty of money with poker worked hard on his game and it took several months to show decent winnings. Start small, make one step after another and once you made enough of those steps, you'll succeed.
We wish you good luck